Enterprise Preference Management

What is Enterprise Preference Management?

Preference management gives businesses the ability to ask their customers what they are interested in, what their preferred channel of communication is and how frequently they wish to hear from you. Our technology enables you to hear that voice -- and honor it. By allowing customers and prospects to control how they wish to interact with your brand or organization, you build customer loyalty and engagement. And, you can do this across multiple channels -- email, mobile, social and more -- and get a single, unified view of each customer's preference across the organization.

Learn how our MyPreferences platform can enable you to do all of this and more. Bring Enterprise Preference Management to your organization and improve your marketing ROI while supporting privacy compliance. Fill out the form to the right for more information!


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Manage Customer Preferences with MyPreferences

People today are more connected and informed than ever before and expect a personalized experience with the brands and companies with whom they choose to engage.

How well do you really know your customer? What does your customer want from you? The better you know your customers, the better that you can communicate with them. Understand who you should target and when, and that relevant communication translates into more loyal and engaged customers.

  • Listen - Collect customer preferences at all touchpoints to enhance the overall customer experience
  • Remember - Centralize & manage preference data so that you can know your customer beyond their transactions
  • Respond - Increase customer engagement by providing more targeted & relevant communications based on customer preferences

Preference Management

MyPreferences® is the technology that lets you accomplish all of this and more. You’ll learn what your prospects and customers have to say about their marketing, account servicing and privacy preferences by collecting, maintaining and updating their preferences.

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