Forrester Research: Enterprise Preference Management Gives Consumers Control for Better Customer Engagement

Gain insights in this complementary report from Forrester Research: "The Anatomy of a Preference Center", which provides best practices for building a customer-friendly preference center and Enterprise Preference Management (EPM) strategy that engages and retains customers.

B2C marketers focus on personalization as a means of delivering better experiences. Enterprise preference management (EPM) can play a key role in this strategy: In a value exchange, customers share more data about themselves, their interests, and communication preferences that marketers can then use to send relevant messages. This report provides best practices for building a customer-friendly preference center and EPM strategy that engages and retains customers.


Read these highlights and more in the new Forrester Research report: "The Anatomy of a Preference Center."

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Key takeaways include the importance of:

  • Developing preference centers on an enterprise level, which includes collecting preferences across all channels
  • Storing the data in a central repository and
  • Including the preference center in their broader data strategy

Marketers must test, learn, and scale

Forrester recommends that companies start with a small preference center and scale up, with an ability to personalize and deliver a benefit to the consumer based on the data they share. In the next three to five years, Forrester predicts companies will merge their preference and consent management centers to provide a more seamless customer experience with the same premise: fair value exchange.

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