The GDPR and privacy management software market is crowded and noisy

PossibleNOW is included in the Forrester Research report evaluating the 12 most significant GDPR And Privacy Management vendors.

Great insights in this complimentary report from Forrester Research: “The Forrester New Wave™: GDPR and Privacy Management Software, Q4 2018”

New technologies are always emerging in response to ever-changing privacy regulations, customers’ demands, and marketers’ needs. As the martech landscape evolves, marketers and compliance professionals have to navigate through a sea of hundreds of potential privacy vendors to decide where to invest.

Privacy management is the number one driver for adoption of new solutions in the compliance space. To help marketers and compliance professionals plan their long-term technology and compliance investment strategies, Forrester Research evaluated the 12 most significant vendors in the GDPR and privacy management software space, including PossibleNOW. Among many insights, the Forrester Research made the following observation about PossibleNOW’s MyPreferences.

“Thanks to custom properties and extendable configuration data models, customers can be very granular in the way they build the consent experience and manage underlying data.”

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